About us


is a nationally operating

architectural office in Munich

, which was established in December 2008 by

Rainer Hoffmann Architekt

Dipl.-Ing.(FH). We work in a small, well-organized team.

When planning

new buildings

, we place an emphasis on authenticity and clearly respond to the function and location. The client’s wishes, ideas and needs are at the center of our attention. At the same time, we represent the public’s interests by creating structures that have a

building culture


One of our most important goals is to transport buildings from the past into the future. Our goal is to determine the core of the building, ascertain the details thereof and incorporate this information into our new


. One cannot recreate the spatial situations and atmospheres of historical


by means of reconstruction. One can merely maintain, preserve or incorporate them into a new design. Our


lies in recognizing the value of an existing building and to elaborate on this


, including all the details, during the implementation process. The result of our work is a noticeable added value for the clients and users.

We include the client in our analysis of a


to the greatest possible extent and urge them to become involved in the planning process.